Shopping Report: Fashionably Chic Bargain Shopper

This just in: Paris is a Bargain. Yes, no one will believe you, when I tell you this, but it can be if you know where to go, and what to buy. And, they have H&M. Well, we just can’t get enough of H&M in the USA, we’re totally addicted to it, me included. I just heard that on November 14th, worldwide, the Jimmy Choo collection for H&M will debut. Doesn’t matter if you don’t wear high heels, or, if your idea of comfort is a Chanel Ballet flat. But let’s just say that you are totally High Heel sort of gal, (I am known to sport a Prada or two!) But the idea that I could run down the street, stand in line for a “nouvelle Jimmy Choo” H&M style just makes me totally happy. It’s fashion, that is totally affordable, if you choose the right things, mix with your own classics, and yes, even those designer items you bought last year and paid too much for. Its all in the Mix.

Here are some trends that we can all put in our closets ASAP:

  • Shoulder Pads: Yup, there back. These can be added to some of your existing blouses to “pump it up” and give them a new life for the office. Pair these with tight skirt, new sexy pumps, and your’re right on target without the Balenciaga jacket that only the rich and famous can afford.
  • 80s Vibe: Yes, if you didn’t already live through it, take this one on full throttle. However, my rule of thumb is if you have already lived your life as an 80s club-kid, better approach this trend with care and stick to classics like spike heeled pumps or pencil skirts. Leave the wilder stuff for the newbies.
  • Draping: This is a great trend for just about any age: its ageless. Anything you want to do with draping, works if you need a bit up top, or down below. Basically, you can belt something and create softness, or simply get a new draped piece. Its 1940s/1980s and has a classic look for now, that works in the office or over a pair of jeans.
  • Corsets: Men, beware, the Glamazon women has returned, so go easy girls, he won’t be able to take it if you come home in one of these-they’re great worn over white shirts with jeans, over jeans without, and under a jacket they continue to tempt, attract, and are just too good, to leave in the past. Approach with caution, but do give them a try!
  • Vintage: Beyond a trend, buying vintage has its place, especially when top designers are secretly copying and selling these styles over and over again. Vintage shops are very good places to buy quality pieces, that are beautifully made, and work with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Here is our list of Stores that have Vintage, Trends, Affordable Chic, Designer Outlet:

  1. COLETTE – 213 rue Saint-Honore 1st
  2. Sonia Rykiel outlet-64 rue D’alesia, 14th
  3. WOCHDOM-72 rue Condorcet, 9th (vintage)
  4. H&M (any location)
  5. RECIPROQUE (vintage) 16th
  6. Outlets at Vallee Village
  7. Monoprix



Shoppining Paris: The Truth about Outlets

As we review the wreckages of our past, as Fashionistas, I can safely say,
that I have never regretted my voyages to Outlet Malls. They used to be the “well-kept secret” of the housewives of America, but now, the European experience is just not complete without a visit to a well-heeled Outlet Mall that boasts shops “to die for” and bargains to tell your gal pals at the coffee shop or water cooler at the office. Well….not quite. Here are some tips to remember, as you wander through the malls, and take in the fashionable and fabulous bargains that seem “too good to be true”

  • Beware of the Big Name Store: Yes, they can be somewhat deceptive, as they often reserve this “failed” fashion merchandise for the outlets, or licensed goods that don’t make it upstairs to rue St. Honore. That “big lable” you are paying for might be a “semi-faux” and overpriced. Just be sure you are buying the ‘real thing’ when shopping, you can check for the collections videos, and pretty much see the entire collections there, that way, you know you are buying something that is original.
  • Beware of Return Policies. Make sure your items can be returned, with a receipt, in case there is a disaster. Most of these shops are designed for “On the Spot” purchases and they don’t expect to see you again. Think again, before you make your final purchase, you might not be able to exchange it or return int.
  • Put lots of things on “same day hold” as you cruise around the complex, before you make final decisions.
  • Try everything on if possible. No second guessing in an Outlet Mall, its a better decision if it fits you now, not later. After all, you can always come back, and they will have more!
  • Find out if the store is “unloading” merchandise that you will never see again. Its part of how to make your final decision. If you really love something, and its being discontinued, (and being sold) in an outlet location, just buy two, max. Fashion changes all the time. You don’t want to be caught with more than two pairs of something in your closet, even jeans.
  • Shop Online to check brands, or review fashion magazines before you are let loose in the Mall. A shopping list, or a clear idea of what you are looking for will help you make the best buying decisions.
  • Yes, its fun to look at really great fashion for less, just be aware of the season you are shopping. The best bargains are usually when the season is over, so buy classics, and buy ahead, if you can. That’s when you will be happy, that you bought that winter coat in July. It will look beautiful in your closet come autumn and you will be really happy you paid substantially less for it.
  • Finally, even though I love fashion trends like everyone else, its time to buy classics now. Really great classics that will last you a few years, made with beautiful quality, which European merchandise is known for, at a fraction of the price.

We don’t want to take the fun of browsing, wandering and recreational shopping away from you fashionistas, so do have fun at the Outlet mall, take a few friends so that you get some support for your decisions, and can enjoy lunch while you are shopping!

Paris Vallee Village – for a complete list of designer outlet shops. London, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milane, Burxelles, Francfort, Munich.


Palais Royale: Fashionable Destination

The Palais Royale, the historic palace of Cardinal Richelieu has always been a fashionable address. The Palace itself is under renovations and the 21st century scaffolding presents an interesting contrast to the original elegant architecture that is being repaired. Moliere liked this address, and lived just down the way at Number 40, a close walk to his job, at the Commedie Francaise. But there are other wonderful secrets within the arcade, which boasts boutiques like Marc Jacobs, located next to the dusty jumbled bookshops, and a historic Restaurant Cafe Royale, a delightful sort of place that evokes the Belle Epoque era. Another shop has exclusive designs just for the “Little Black Dress” . The Rick Owens boutique, is also in residence, his inky dramatic creations are perfect for the ‘edgy couture rockers’ that wear them. I noticed two children playing with a red balloon in the garden, reminding me of my favorite story by the same name I remembered as a child.

Once the renovations are done, the newly minted historic location will regain its prestige as a park. The shops, and boutiques continue to be a quiet and secret location for the Fashion Elite, who go there to experience the elegance, and history of this address.

Avenue Montaigne

Starting here, is to begin at the top in Paris shopping. Fall Trends: Metallics, Luxury Materials, and heart-stopping Quality.

The Avenue Montaigne, has the worlds great Designer shops, in large screen format. Dior, Valentino, Chanel, Prada, and many others live in quiet harmony on this veritable street of dreams. Here you can discover the latest in the Season, the windows are a treat of what lies inside, and price is no object.

This is luxury at its best, and the world’s purveyors of luxury are to be found here. We suggest you begin by taking a walk up each side of the street, stop for a nice cup of coffee at the cafe which is directly at the apex of the street. Then, take a quiet stroll by the Plaza Athenne Hotel, the destination for quiet luxury. The doorman will tip his hat at you as you pass, and should you desire a drink, or lovely dessert, their cafe is one of the most elegant in Paris.

Now, you’re prepared to begin the shopping experience. Our advice, just take a deep breath, enter into the magic and begin!

Avenue Montaigne will be hosting a special Fashion Spectacle during the first weeks of September!

Welcome to Stylist Privee Paris

Stylist Privee talks about fashion confessions from LA, Paris and New York.

Paris is Fashion. Fashion is Paris.

Fashion Began Here. It started with the Kings and Queens of France. Everyone who was anyone, copied their unique looks, and a fashion state was born. Stylish women of the Court dared to copy the courtesans and Mistresses of Paris who set the fashions. Always a city of contradictions, Paris is fluctuates from a city of traditions to one that embraces the new.

Today, France has a fashion scene that rivals any in the world, with a mix of Street looks, American sportswear and Jeans with the most tailored suit from Christian Dior. Its a big world. Where do you start? Understanding Parisian shopping begins as you get to know the city. There are neighborhoods: each has places to go to discover and a mood or atmosphere that gives Paris a unique edge over London, New York, or Milan. Fashion doesn’t just cover clothes, shoes or accessories, its all about your home, and the beauty of living a Parisian lifestyle that is as diverse as each neighborhood.

Of course, we will give you some good advice, and tips on how to find things like bargains, deals or steals. We’ll show you where to go to find things you are dreaming about for your home or your closet. Delightful and Daring, Trends and Traditions. Its all here: Modern, edgy, historic, classic, traditional, Paris is all of these things, and more. We’ll show you where the trends come from, sometimes they’re all the rage in London, or Milan, or Los Angeles and they end up here, to be re-mixed into the style we know as Street Paris.

We hope you will stop a moment, read, enjoy the images of Paris and see the city the way we do!

Fall is here, and winter is close by!

A bientot, and join us for a wonderful journey that is Paris, the most elegant city in the world.