A documentary film about the designer ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

What can you say about a terrible genius, seer and fashion icon who had already become a legend in his own time before he sadly ended his life? To watch this film is to enter the life, times and mind of the creator who has not only brought fashion to its knees in England but re-imagined a storied and conservative couture house GIVENCHY in Paris and things were never the same, again.

The film could have focused on the sensational aspects of his life but instead the director chose to share McQueen’s emotional life that was a privilege to watch as you knew you were seeing something personal and very real; its terrors, ups and downs that are the fashion world. Of course, you also can see why the pressures were so extraordinary as well. This was a time when fashion in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was exploding on the world stage. Fashion brands were so powerful and lucrative that they tended to eat designers for lunch. The power of a brand and its demands for constant perfection and a schedule that pushed human creators to their extreme; Mr. McQueen was caught like a fly in a gilded amber stone and simply could not get out.

From a design point of view there is much about McQueen that is bordering on the distraught genius, the prophetic seer, the disturbed artist that brought people to their knees in the fashion world. He simply went outside of the box and out of the building in his ideas of what fashion was, or could be. Was it ugly, beautiful, ornamental, powerful, empowering or simply insanity? These are the questions you want to ask when you view and experience this film that has a uniquely curated vision.

What you will take away is some sadness, a dose of sheer awe, and of course, a unique appreciation for a young man who was simply gone too soon. For this, we are all at a loss and I can understand how his affect on those around him has been profound indeed.

The Art of Style is Timeless: Be Inspired!

Walking through an art gallery just yesterday, gazing at art from the past three hundred years, my impression of beauty is transformed; images of beauty are so unique from a cultural or social angle we could write a PHD.  But, today we will just mention that while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, certain things remain constant throughout the ages: beautiful coiffed hair, a good complexion, healthy teeth, sparkling eyes, neck and shoulders, etc.  and perhaps the turn of an ankle or leg that is glimpsed from beneath the edges of a skirt. The spirit or “inner life” of the sitter in these portraits was also evident reminding me that this too, is beauty: inner beauty.  

These unique things about being female never change, so while the hairstyles or necklines or hems may go up or down, beauty is the spirit of being eternal from both the inside and outside.  Bellissimo!