Black is the New Red: Red Carpet Looks for 2018

What we know for sure:  Black Tie or formal gowns will never be the same again.  The ladies of the Golden Globes showed us that the meaning of solidarity is both as a fashion statement and a statement of support.  The actress who did not show up in a black or black inspired gown at the Golden Globes, didn’t get the memo.  In case you missed it, the wearing of black at the Golden Globes launched the “Times Up” movement for the men in  Hollywood and in fact, the world ( and as we head into the awards season the movement will continue in one fashion statement or another.  Think of this as another version of the “Pussy Hat”.  Here are some of our of our favorite looks from the Golden Globes. Emphasis on the big gown, cultural, elegant and almost death-defying with the accompanying jewels is what we all look forward too.  Even Pants made their way onto the carpet, and well, we couldn’t be more pleased.

The Wardrobe Mistress

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The Details: Golden Globes 16

image image image image image image imageThe Best Supporting Cast: Jewels, Handbags, Make-Up, Hairstyles.

Sometimes the dress, falls flat. The look of the accessories, make-up, hair or shoes is really the winner: “Best Supporting Cast” for the Red Carpet”.  What is key in truly great Red Carpet style, is that the entire look comes together, and no one piece stands alone. Alas, this does not always happen.  Sometimes a handbag, a jewel on the ring finger or an earring, ends up as the the showstopper.  We say, “Bravo” to this best supporting cast of unique showstoppers who take a curtain call here.

Here are some of our picks for those accessory moments that made history on the red carpet. 






Editor’s Note:  Special thanks to the POP SUGAR team for some of these great close-ups of Red Carpet Accessories.