Welcome to Stylist Privee Paris

Paris is Fashion. Fashion is Paris.

Fashion Began Here. It started with the Kings and Queens of France. Everyone who was anyone, copied their unique looks, and a fashion state was born. Stylish women of the Court dared to copy the courtesans and Mistresses of Paris who set the fashions. Always a city of contradictions, Paris is fluctuates from a city of traditions to one that embraces the new.

Today, France has a fashion scene that rivals any in the world, with a mix of Street looks, American sportswear and Jeans with the most tailored suit from Christian Dior. Its a big world. Where do you start? Understanding Parisian shopping begins as you get to know the city. There are neighborhoods: each has places to go to discover and a mood or atmosphere that gives Paris a unique edge over London, New York, or Milan. Fashion doesn’t just cover clothes, shoes or accessories, its all about your home, and the beauty of living a Parisian lifestyle that is as diverse as each neighborhood.

Of course, we will give you some good advice, and tips on how to find things like bargains, deals or steals. We’ll show you where to go to find things you are dreaming about for your home or your closet. Delightful and Daring, Trends and Traditions. Its all here: Modern, edgy, historic, classic, traditional, Paris is all of these things, and more. We’ll show you where the trends come from, sometimes they’re all the rage in London, or Milan, or Los Angeles and they end up here, to be re-mixed into the style we know as Street Paris.

We hope you will stop a moment, read, enjoy the images of Paris and see the city the way we do!

Fall is here, and winter is close by!

A bientot, and join us for a wonderful journey that is Paris, the most elegant city in the world.