Yes, we’ve barely survived the pelting rains here in LA, and now that the streets are dry and the sun is out we’re contemplating what to purchase for Spring.  There are some key trends that makes Spring Season something for everyone:

  • Simple Chic and Minimalist
  • Pastoral and Floral Country Style
  • Military and Khaki “Out of Africa” 
  • Prints, Prints, Prints
  • Dare to be Bare

 As you can see, the modern women has an outfit for every occasion, from chic, to comfortable, to sporty, to sexy. That’s a season we can get behind. What’s your mix for the season?  Everyone always asks me, the the hemlines long, short, or in-between: If only it were that simple, back in the day, in simpler times, this was a question you could easily answer.  Now, my answer is, what makes you feel good? So, I suggest you stick with that, and you’ll find what works for you.

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