Los Angeles or Paris Collections: The Trends Start Here

Let’s Party, like its 1799.

To be clear, the Paris collections arriving in two weeks will be spectacular, surprising and groundbreaking. Well, maybe.

Great fashion comes from many places, but, in the end, Paris leads the way with London and New York,  following.

Let’s re-think Los Angeles.

First of all, what is it we do best here?   Well, we do swimwear, surf, skate, and other sportswear that New Yorkers can only dream of here in LA LA land.   And, there’s Hollywood, of course.

I would like to propose that Los Angeles get its groove back by showing only resort, swim, skate, surf and all the clothes that made us great as a market.  Evening wear, because of Awards seasons, is also a key item we can do very well here.

I don’t want to forget the denim market, it stands in for the dark pin stripe suits of Wall Street.  Power meetings,  happen in denim here so its part of our “beach and casual” lifestyle vibe that will always depend on a great pair of jeans worn effortlessly.

We can’t do it all. Let’s keep it simple and do what we do best, and, focus on an industry revival.

Let’s be, what Los Angeles is known for. Nationwide Trends. Worldwide Entertainment. Thinking outside the Paris box.

Just a thought.


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