SPRING PEEPS are in Fashion: We know Trends…

Can it be true?  Are the PEEPS in residence once again?  Then, it must be spring!

 Yes, the impossibly bright colors of PEEPS have taken the POP culture by storm with the latest contest winner’s released for this season by the Washington Post.  But, no matter if you love to eat them, Tweet about them, or just plain geek them, the PEEP brings smiles and laughter to even the most serious.  Yes, even Janet Reno is on the Peeps FACEBOOK page. I mean, seriously?  Wow, do you think she really eats them?

OK, so what does this have to do with STYLE?

We admit its a stretch, but the colors, are truly mind boggling, bringing to mind the delightful fashions of the 1980s club years, in Satin, no less. Or, those  Patent leather sky high pumps by Dior or Jimmy Choo come to mind.  Love that.  Or, perhaps you’re contemplating a Peeps colored pair of Topsiders or swim togs for the season or (wait for it) the candy colored IZOD t-shirt to stun your friends at the country club.  EIther way, whether you just like to eat ’em or get inspired by them, we think their job is to make us happy. We sometimes like to eat them, but, then, we pause and realize we’ve just eaten something REALLY blue.  But, thats OK.  

In a world filled with well serious issues, we’d just as soon have our peeps, and, eat them too.