Tell Your own Story of LUXURY: The Perrin Paris Bag

Here’s the latest in Spring Bags that we’re totally hooked on:   Its the Perrin Paris spring Bag, the antidote to the typical Birken,  so overly “copied”  we want to kill ourselves because we cant tell the real from the faux anymore.  Wait,  did we say…. they’re a bit well, expected?

Not so here; the PERRIN PARIS bag collection is presented in the forms of clutches, envelopes, totes, wristlets and minis that are made of the best leather in the world.  Chanel and Hermes can’t be wrong, because the House of Perrin began in 1893 and was the exclusive glove makers and tannery for these storied brands who demanded the highest quality. This latest collection of bags is the antidote to the typical luxury bag that has us yawning.

So, let’s get started:  Beautiful and original frames, made of wood, some in Metal Titanium and feather light to carry.  Like a modern high tech solution, the bags have these little buttons at the top, (see top right) that open the sturdy frames and reveal soft glove leather interiors.  Not fabric, but leather that is so luxurious your iphone will never want to get out of the bag, it will just want to sit quietly in its little pocket and rest, forever.  Well, we’ll have to take out our phones sometimes and if we do, we can also take a cue from Martha Stewart who influenced the MARTHA bag. This is an curvy envelope that zips up and fits into your tote like a portable desk, with all the spaces you need for your jet set gear.  Only MARTHA could have thought of this one.  We adore the chic colors like creme, taupe, grey, navy, black, white, and camel….don’t think you’re getting a hot pink bag here: in the PERRIN world of subtle luxury these bags are investments and not playthings. However, we will mention they make adorable wristlet bags just pefect for a quick club “hop” or a cafe tabletop. They’re little “mini-me’s” of the larger bags and just as beautiful to look at, only in miniature with zippers, straps and bracelets to hold them on.

Concierge style service makes this a luxury shopping experience without the super-sized prices, too. If you want to preview the collection go ahead and pre-shop at the website.  But, we recommend that you head to the shop so that you can experience these bags in person. Witty, unique and not overly “branded” these bags make the wearer, not the other way around.  So, why not be your own, original?

Lets not forget their Paris store, on the rue des champs, in our favorite neighborhood, a few moments away from the Louvre and center of Paris.

See the locations and collection details at:

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