Jean Paul Gaultier Retrospective at Montreal Museum: Genius Revealed

The Enfant Terrible, always controversial, ready to expand the envelope of fashion from trendy to visionary, Jean Paul Gaultier is always a surprise.  We saw his exhibit in Paris of theatrical costumes that were part of his long love affair with the theater at the Decortive Arts Museum.  His playful and always irreverent exploration of his viewpoint of the female figure  along with witty “tweaks” of storied fashion cliches is legendary. With red carpet moments that have always set Hollywood into a Tilt-n-Twirl the gowns of Jean Paul Gaultier are always fodder for the fashion press. We think with this retrospective, people will see the length, depth, breadth of the work of this unique artist who continues to inspire young fashion designers today.  His perfumes, some of the most successful in the world have a unique client list and continue to inspire even though they are mass market fragrances,  his brand is true in each product he produces.  (shown here below)  We’re fans, and, wish this exhibit would arrive here in the states.

“I wanted to create an exhibition on Jean Paul Gaultier more than any other couturier because of his great humanity,” explained Nathalie Bondil, Director and Chief Curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. “Beyond the technical virtuosity resulting from exceptional expertise in the various skills involved in haute couture, an unbridled imagination and ground-breaking artistic collaborations, he offers an open-minded vision of society, a crazy, sensitive, funny, sassy world in which everyone can assert his or her own identity, a world without discrimination, a unique ‘fusion couture.’ Beneath Jean Paul Gaultier’s wit and irreverence lie a true generosity of spirit and a very powerful message for society. His humanist aesthetic touches me deeply.”