Emmy Report: Let the Season Begin!

Let’s hear it for the Boys: The Men of Entourage 

Who can Blame me?  After acres of gowns, flashbulbs popping and cleavage everywhere, not to mention the chorus of girls who haven’t eaten for a week, it was a total relief when the ENTOURAGE dudes took the stage and showed us how to do menswear.  Sleek, chic, retro, futuristic, they did it all and don’t forget the witty repartee.  The Awards season is about the girls…the men do their best to sidestep the ladies while the flashbulbs pop and the “Glam Cam” and “Stilletto 360s”  show off their wares.  Everyone is getting into “AWARDS fever” and fashion plays an important role in making it the second biggest American Pastime…but let’s get back to basics: Sheer star power on the Red Carpet and a personal brand, make or break a red carpet appearance.  We’ll look at the “do’s and Don’ts”  coming up in the next few weeks, but, until then, 
Let’s hear it for the Boys…who did a great job of spiffing up for the occasion. 
We’re glad they did!