When Fashion is Sitting Down: Thierry Yves Barbier

Fashion takes a seat in the Designs of Thierry Barbier

Sitting pretty, not on your life. These furnishings are vibrant, brave and take charge of your interior design. We’re huge fans  of Thierry Yves Barbier, Furniture Designer. He’s taken on French Furnishings with a vengeance, and put the Zing back into the French Living room. No, this is not your mother’s favorite French, it’s tradition, on its head.  Then, there’s the fabrics; his choice of fabrics works inside the framework that is often traditional, such as when he adds a surface of decoration that reinvents furniture as precious object.  They are at once arresting, fashionable, and we feel we should really, order shoes and a dress to go with them…and pop open the champagne…they’re something to celebrate!
We’re fans, and we know you will be too!

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STYLIST  PRIVEE: “Confessions of a Bohemian Shopper”