Yellow is the new Pink: Spring Forward…

At the Spring Marni Show, slick surfaces were everywhere and the colors of Spring were mixed with the usual black basics. Fetching rainwear, coveralls, over pieces and whimsical excuses to use patent leather made the show a typical “Marni-lovers” event.  If we could just manufacture a good Hollywood rainstorm, there would be an excuse to wear these fun pieces.  We’re usually obsessed with Pink in the spring, but we’ve discovered this bright, bold YELLOW and it deserves a re-think.  The trend-hounds tell us that YELLOW is the new PINK. We recall wearing this raincoat back in the day, with matching boots, a color coordinated umbrella and a BARBIE lunch box. Some things never change. If you’re shy about wearing Marni’s eye popping color palette, you can still enjoy the yellow daffodils that are in every ‘super marche’ near you.  Just put them in water,  have a cup of tea and wait for them to bloom. If you are brave and want to embrace the trend, you can add these bright tones of yellow with a bag, a belt, a shoe, or take to the streets in your yellow slicker with a vintage print umbrella.

By May, everything will be white, taupe, grey, creme, silver, black and you’ll really miss that cheerful yellow shade that scared you, back in March.


“Confessions of a Bohemian Shopper”