Queen of Luxury: Aerin Lauder’s Lifestyle Brand Debuts

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

Marilyn Monroe

Beauty in the eye of the beholder:  Just released by Aerin Lauder in the classic and inimitable style of the Estee Lauder Brand, she’s offered up something of a “Branded Extension” of her own busy  yet,  easy elegant lifestyle. If it were all so easy for the rest of us…well, perhaps when we take out these beautiful compacts and lipsticks, we’ll feel ever-so-much better.  With carry-all glamour and a selection of color palettes that work for everyone, she’s created something that promises ia elegant but useful; you can take that compact out in a restaurant and adjust your lipstick, very Marilyn, with a touch of the upper east side. I am however, rather surprised that there is no “eco-luxe” vibe going on here.   I had the thought that Aerin Lauder, was going to think “outside the box” and try something a bit more brave.  Instead, she’s “reinforced” the typical Estee Lauder Product in its conception that is just another part of the main line.

Certainly, her name may be on the product and her “signature” may be here, but the inspiration is entirely her grandmother’s. She brings no news to the table in cosmetic design or conception which is a bit disappointing. Her fragrances were a breath of fresh air, and we are fans of the Tuberose, that is always complimented when we wear it.

The modern cases, seen here, seem nice and clean, so that’s certainly a promising start. I will look forward to testing the products when they are released.

Styliste Privee

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