Boho Beauties for Spring 2013: Vintage Simple

Chris Benz had an array of BOHO BEAUTIES lined up at the Show to showcase a point of view that was both a vintage spin as well as a visit down memory lane for those of us who remember the 70s thrift shopping.

With a mix of prints that was reminiscent of MIU MIU and those vintage thrift finds, the girls looked boho waif and charming. The spring look was not a uniform or cookie-cutter approach, but highly styled as each girl’s own individual look created the wardrobe choices.  Chunky funky shoes, hose or bare legs, coats, or shawls, little sweaters and bias cut dresses all were a charming way of mixing up what was basically an explosion at a thrift store.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it is definitely age specific since women over the age of 35  love vintage,  but don’t want to compete with their daughters.  The best way to look at this collection was not to take it at face value.  Instead, I found the textures, colors and esprit were what made it interesting, not necessarily the ensembles.  Pieces each had interest, but when shown together were too much, of a good thing.    Color, and patterns were a nice “kick in the pants” for spring, so if you love color, this collection is for you!

A special note should be mentioned that the faces, and natural make up,  hairstyles were charming and will be trendsetters for the season.

Chris Benz, known as the “Prince of Color” see more at: