Birds of a Feather: Canary Hits the Red Carpet Like a Bird on a Car Window

Once Upon a Time, the color Canary was reserved for the brave, the outrageous, the furious and Fashion Forward.  Now, its found its way to the EMMY Red carpet where it was worn by a bevy of beauties…each with a specific look and personal style.  Yet one glaring problem causes a fashion conundrum that can only be described as “Underdressed” where a color of this wattage was chosen.  

Here are the missing links to making these looks truly historic. Even large earrings were absent, though one statement bracelet was in evidence, and the jeweled evening bag, certainly a required piece of fashion equipment is practically snooze-worthy when worn like jewelry. 
Important jewelry was absent from these looks. Extraordinary jewelry makes dresses in a color like this much more striking and interesting. Clare Dane, was wearing a great dress for her condition, was lovely but we hungered for an Egyptian Cuff, or extraordinary brooch pinned somewhere, off to the side of her gown or important earrings.  The choker was a very unsuccessful idea, where a larger set of cuffs, or perhaps a pair of earrings that were light and grazed the shoulders would have worked.  In addition, shades of yellow in a shawl, perhaps in ombre design dyed to match for the more bare dresses would have been a chic addition as a “lighter than air” wisp of fabric for the arms. 
Elizabeth Taylor would have been a bit more brave, making no apology when wearing one of her signature colors like brilliant Turquoise, or Yellow showing off her historic jewelry collection to its best advantage.  These gowns were simply lacking all around; the absence of statement jewelry would have made all the difference and put them each one, on the fashion map. 

Note:  Elizabeth Taylor’s private Collection Jewelry (above) recently displayed for Auction