SHOE LOVE: Another amazing SHOE on our Radar

Oh Joy, oh, Rapture, its another IVEY SHOE.  We can post one each day and never get tired of them, they’re so totally gorgeous.  
Here’s the killer platform we wish we had now, and the orange one for spring 2013.  Can you believe the color of this copper gold leather that is infused with an enamel like surface to make the heel, a totally Cleopatra experience? 
Take a closer look at the gorgeous platform.  Its like a little platform for your perfectly manicured toes…they will be so happy to be there; also notice the gorgeous buckle, and the soft and comfortable ankle strap.  Darling. Sexy. Deco. Dangerous. 
We’ll post a few more for you to see, and welcome your thoughts on what to wear with these….
We’re waiting for a pair just like you!   If only they were out in stores now, but not yet, we can hope! 
Styliste Privee get’s an eyeful of the NEW IVY shoes…seen at SPRING SHOE SUITE…MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK

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