Golden Globes: Best & Worst…zzzzz

Best Red Carpet and Worst…from Kate to Lucy and everything in between.  So, now that the awards season has begun, we’ll just have to fasten our seatbelts and get ready for a bumpy ride! 
First, let’s talk about the best:  Kate Hudson.  Between the sleek stylings and the beautiful golden beaded decor around the neck, and front belt detail; the sexy drop neckline was a flawless look for the Golden Globes.  What makes the perfect Golden Globes Dress?  If you notice the details are simple, the impact great, and the luxury details perfect for camera, then you’re on track. Whether its color, fabric, details, or cut, the Red Carpet gown is not the easiest gown to wear in the world, but Kate lately has really learned her lessons. 
Actresses often forget that they’re on TV: this is about how a gown will work for a television camera, and those little square boxes in everyone’s living rooms.  Some dresses, just don’t fit.   Lucy Liu, stunningly incorrect in her large, 18th century gown which was simply too big for television, though the dress for an editorial shoot at the Hotel Crillon in Paris would have been lovely. The pattern, color, but most of all, scale of this dress just didn’t work. She’ll think twice before she ever leaves her house in a dress that wore her, instead of she wearing it. Great buzz though, but probably the buzz she really didn’t want.  
Winners on the carpet this year, were wearing things that were perfect for the roles they play in the film, or television world. The ladies who did well chose something perfect for their characters: the ingenue,  the comic,  the romantic, the sexpot, the socialite, the bookworm, etc.   
Kate, you have won Best Golden Globe, and, deserve your place in Red Carpet History, this was one of your most shining moments.  Enjoy it. 
The do’s and don’ts of the Red carpet…that’s next time, and we’ll spare no expense in bringing you the secrets of success, because hey, we’re a high budget operation over here, at Styliste Privee.