Wearable Tech: The New Boom in Fashion 2015

I  recently discovered that a quiet revolution was taking place in technology and I don’t  mean the latest ‘What’s App’.  The “Google Glass” I saw on the Dianne Von Furstenberg Runway in 2012 at New York Fashion week ( also on Dianne herself when we met backstage) was the first major merging of fashion and tech I became aware of.  Admittedly, we were all too busy blogging about the next luxe ‘handbag or shoe’ to notice that the ‘wearable tech’ field had exploded right there in front of us. Sure, we all knew about those unsightly rubber straps that measure your heartbeat while your at the gym, but fashion?  Well, let’s just say that the industry has gone mad and mainly, the tech geeks have been busy inventing all the cool stuff but the geeks and the fashionistas really haven’t had a meeting yet.  Well, maybe except for those clever folks at NIKE, who pretty much have invented the smart sportswear model (among others) so I use their own quote to define what we’re talking about:

“Integration of embedded technology and smart garments that can respond to the body’s natural (state) or movements will help us to discover solutions for social concerns, healthcare and  (other) interactions”.  

Do you remember that cute geeky guy in the last row who used to help you with your science homework? I suggest you get chummy with him again!  Don’t waste a minute and start dreaming! The merging of fashion and technology with unique user experiences is going to be the new black.  The ART OF STYLE in this whole new and brave world will be about convergence of technology, clothes, diagnostics just to begin with.  Then,  after that we’ll be working on that latest problem that has already surfaced on the web:  “Good manners while wearing your Google Glass”.  

Go figure.