Cheating on Chanel: The Jean Patou Heritage Collection

THE HOUSE OF PATOU:  A New Selection of Heritage Fragrances

The House of Patou, creator of Joy perfume is launching a new series of fragrance creations that are drawn from their extensive history.  “Joy Forever” was launched last year as a revision of the ‘house classic’ capturing the essence and new interpretation of the age old fragrance in a lighter more modern formula.  I like it better than the original. The original luxury formula is  a heady floral fragrance perfect for its time yet still remains a classic.   There are many devotees of the original fragrance who may object to this new version, but if you prefer a lighter more modern experience, “Joy Forever”  is the one for you.

I can’t wait to to explore the new series of heritage based perfumes to decide which one suits my fragrance personality which tends towards the more citrus or green based fragrances with light floral notes. The discovery of a ‘new old’ fragrance with its origins in 1920s Paris is reminiscent of the world of Chanel.  Chanel and Patou were rivals so the ‘Chanel girl ‘may feel that she is crossing a line, by taking up with this elegant Monsieur Patou.  I think one should be an adventuress where fragrance is concerned because you never know, where it may lead you.  So I suggest you take a chance and wander through this new selection to see what might suit you. After all, if you can’t get to Paris, at least you can imagine you are there via the fragrance experience.