Fashion Carousel: Lots of Shiny Ponies to Ride!

The trends for Spring are piling up and I am now going to keep track of them for you as I ride the fashion carousel!

Christine FUNG: Spring is about highly constructed garments with latticework details that tempt you to look further beneath. Very mysterious yet constructed shapes created amusing silhouettes like circle skirts and jumpsuits or minis. Patterns saw spots or techno pop multi-dots. Very amusing and fun. Orange is the new black!

Nehara: the slow moving and languid models walked in a square pattern across a copper floor that proved taking a calm look at the constructed and comfortable shapes was worth the time. Fabrics like linens, gabardines and silks were beautifully combined in artful combinations. Architecture and construction combined with ease. The designer is ready to be more well known and could easily have retail stores across Europe on resort markets. Taking a closer look at the collection in the showroom the pieces were so wearable and I wanted several to beef up my closet.

Gosia Baczynska: A Polish couture designer that has arrived recently in Paris inspired by the 1930s and the credo of Henry Miller. “Write first, and always, painting, music, friends, cinema, these come afterwards” her collection was both new and edgy in its use of graphics on long dresses and short pullovers. Then, she had a section that had hints of classic couture in their inception with many perfect for the red carpet. She will take on the French with her cleverness and I predict they will wake up one day and discover her as a serious contender.

Yiqing Yin: I saw that the New York Times and the head of Paris “Pret a Porter” society had come all the way to the Quai Austerlitz to see this designer do an intimate show; I knew all eyes were on her. The capsule collection was inspired by forests and rivers. The color palette was very lovely and the shapes showed great promise. I do feel she still needs to work on the nature of the workmanship but the ideas were there. A combination of structure and flow were being explored through the presentation dancers and the displays of clothes. My favorite was the beaded organza top that was constructed like an ancient pullover or wrap blouse in its silhouette but then it sparkled with crystals sewn in watercolor patterns in shades if blue and green. It was truly delicate and beautiful.

More soon!