New Year’s Eve: How to Avert Disasters of a Fashionable Kind

While you’re recovering from the dinners, gift wrap and the final push to get that last gift to the post office (guilty!) I am now putting all fashionistas on notice that the New Year’s Eve fashion crush begins in 24 hours.  Yes, its the week between Christmas and New Years when our thoughts turn to the next round of outfits where things can go wrong; terribly wrong. But wait, you say, how can a sparkly dress, a new manicure and a blow out go badly? Well, yes, this may seem a bit alarmist but the truth is, New Year’s Eve is like a graveyard of outfits that didn’t make the cut all year.  You know, that company party dress that was just a bit too revealing, that nailcolor that didn’t make the cut with the boss (she told it was too trendy for the office) or those hose that were so thin and sexy, that you should be charging admission just for putting then on, or those sky high platforms that were definitely too sexy for a meeting with a new client, yep, you know the ones.

Yeah, I know, I’m a fashion alarmist, but let’s review. There are several ways to go about the New Year’s fashion dump:

1.  Totally throw caution to the winds and get a date who really just wants to see your legs..what’s so bad about that?  He’s only a fill in for the really great guy you’ll be meeting, anyway.

2.  Pick one outrageous item, and just go for it, make it the theme of the BRAND NEW YOU!  Yes, that slightly risque neckline, that sheer stocking or outrageous platform shoe and wait, the jumpsuit that didn’t make it to the Office Party.  Dont’ forget to wear that outrageous sparkle nail color your boss hated, too.

3.  Take a minute and think of all the girls who admire your stuff, and then give this all away and start over.  Sure, that’s the safe way to go, and this is actually not a bad idea.   Here’s why:  You can plan your romantic strategy with a clear head:  Will someone be there whom you want to attract? Is your date the target or the best friend? EIther way, its a good idea to plan your New Year’s strategy like an expert stylist for a celebrity:  You only get one chance to get it right.

4.  Shop the sales with Caution, many wardrobe malfunctions have happened due to last minute purchases, and even the famous are subject to this one!

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for you to remember, so copy and paste this one on your phone, girls !

  • Select your Sparkle, don’t over do it, and pick one thing that glitters for your outfit and mix it up with matte surfaces.
  • Wear Shoes that are comfortable for an entire evening, and even carry a chic gold ballet flat for later, if you can.
  • Low Cut anything is nice, but don’t over do it – no one likes a trashy date to meet the folks, so dress appropriately.
  • Short is sexy, so wear the right hose with dress like matte tight, a shimmer classic, or nude, or smokey sheer.
  • PIck an outfit that is going to wear well over time…evening starts out with a short dress, but you may want to add a shawl or cashmere sweater for later as the night goes on and weather changes.
  • We love skirts, tank dresses, jumpsuits, and skinny slacks with sweaters or glittery tops, they always work well no matter what size you are – so don’t try anything risky that has not been fitted properly.
  • What is your date wearing?  It’s nice to be a matched set, even BRANGOLINA  works out their outfits before an appearance, so should you!
  • New Years is about celebration, so have fun, and enjoy the idea of expressing the new you!  You can take some chances in trying something new, but always choose something you know works on you, as well.

Happy New Years from the Art of Style! 

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