Why Dress up your Fame?

Someone sent out a memo to all the guests attending the Golden Globs and the nominees, that this was not just a formal dinner, it was a “dress-a-thon” and if you didin’t wear the biggest dress on carpet, your fame points would “drop”. I watch the Globe carpet like it’s the superbowl so I can tell you that there are always the rookies, the star players, and the players who should have stayed on the bench. But then there the winners who totally get it and play the perfect game. I can say in general that this event should not be as large as the Met Gala, nor as dramatic as Cannnes, it’s somewhere in the middle. Finding the balance of perfection for the cameras on the carpet is a delicate combination of style, age, the color, the touches that can ‘make or break’ your look that starts at the top of your head and goes from there. Here are my picks for the famous and almost famous who did it right. You will notice that I am a minimalist and prefer dresses that “enhance the fame” rather than overshadowing it. There is no need to take your famous brand name and over do it to the point of no return (and I think you will know who accomplished that this year). I won’t spend any time here on the worst dressed, there is just too much pressure and I don’t want to be a meanie, but by this morning’s coffee, they’ll get the message and do it better, next time.

Wardrobe Mistress

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