Golden Globes: Best in Show

‘Season Opener’ at Globes Red Carpet:  Hollywood Glamour is Ageless.

What is a girl to do? Have fun, be chic and wear something that shares your best assets.   The Golden Globes are a serious party but not as serious as some of the more critical awards in the season.  The spirit of the Globes is more fun, more experimental and gives an actress a chance to try out things that may not have been seen before.  Young designers, new styles, great new hair and yes, the jewels. The Jewels this season were eye-popping!   Here are out picks for “Best in Show” for this year’s ‘Season Opener’ and are a good sign that girls are telling unique fashion stories with their choices on the carpet.

What trends were on the carpet?  Here is our round-up List:

  • Eye Popping Jewels & Major Stones
  • Color as an Accessory
  • Hairstyles that stunned in simple glamour
  • Figure Flattering & Cleavage Revealing
  • Slimming Fishtail Styles
  • Accessories Ultra-Luxe