Top 10 Countdown to Oscar Style: 10 Perfect Pieces

As a warm-up to the Oscars, Style Strstegist Pikke Allen weighs in on what she will be looking for on the carpet.

Now that the glow of the “Globes”  has worn off, we are pretty sure everyone is already in fittings for the next great event in the Awards Season: The Oscars.

 There are a few things we know we can count on: 

  • Meryl Streep will not wear any sort of Ballgown and probably a pantsuit.
  • Jaylo will continue to dress more and more like Rita Hayworth.
  • The ingenues will attempt to look older than their years. 
  • The Nominees will be the best turned out group in the Actress category.
  • The guys will continue their upward trajectory of uber style. Bravo, Guys!
  • Academy Officials will look sheepish and rather embarrassed at the recent controversy.
  • Those two guys from the Accounting firm Price Waterhouse, will become an even funnier gag. 
  • The  “Sink or Swim” opening will be… well, you guessed ut, either terrible or entertaining. 
  • Hideous gowns, overwrought jewelry, too- “done”  hairstyles and a mani-cam moment.

The Oscars have been a bit dull, of late.  We are hoping for a few more thrills, perhaps  even a teary eyed speech and maybe even a wardrobe malfunction… but in a good way.   Here are the favorite 10 things we will be looking for.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Red Carpet “Style”  Oscars:

  • Best Hairstyle
  • Best Make-up Design
  • Best Accessories & Dress Combo
  • Best single Accessory that “Made the Look”
  • Best shoes on the red carpet
  • Best gown on the carpet
  • Best evening bag
  • Best in Show: Where all elements come together to make a winner

Here are some of our favorite looks, from the last few carpet seasons: (see our slideshow)

The Wardrobe Mistress

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ARTIFICE is a film, television and commercial stylist with a background in arts and culture and film/media. In addition, her independent agency develops writing projects, blogs and entertainment as well as consults for digital media in the luxury markets in advertising and marketing. Her events also bring together luxury brands and charity fundraising. Los Angeles. Paris.

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