Top 10 Countdown to Oscar Style: 10 Perfect Pieces

Now that the glow of the “Globes”  has worn off, we are pretty sure everyone is already in fittings for the next great event in the Awards Season: The Oscars.

 There are a few things we know we can count on: 

  • Meryl Streep will not wear any sort of Ballgown and probably a pantsuit.
  • Jaylo will continue to dress more and more like Rita Hayworth.
  • The ingenues will attempt to look older than their years. 
  • The Nominees will be the best turned out group in the Actress category.
  • The guys will continue their upward trajectory of uber style. Bravo, Guys!
  • Academy Officials will look sheepish and rather embarrassed at the recent controversy.
  • Those two guys from the Accounting firm Price Waterhouse, will become an even funnier gag. 
  • The  “Sink or Swim” opening will be… well, you guessed ut, either terrible or entertaining. 
  • Hideous gowns, overwrought jewelry, too- “done”  hairstyles and a mani-cam moment.

The Oscars have been a bit dull, of late.  We are hoping for a few more thrills, perhaps  even a teary eyed speech and maybe even a wardrobe malfunction… but in a good way.   Here are the favorite 10 things we will be looking for.

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Our Red Carpet “Style”  Oscars:

  • Best Hairstyle
  • Best Make-up Design
  • Best Accessories & Dress Combo
  • Best single Accessory that “Made the Look”
  • Best shoes on the red carpet
  • Best gown on the carpet
  • Best evening bag
  • Best in Show: Where all elements come together to make a winner

Here are some of our favorite looks, from the last few carpet seasons: (see our slideshow)

The Wardrobe Mistress

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