What Makes Great Street Style? 10 Tips from a Fashion Streetwatcher

The week in Hollywood heats up in typical Pre-Oscar way so our hobby of street watching for the fashionable, the fabulous, and the famous has begun! London Fashion Week also in full swing making this week a key trendspotting week! 

Here are our tips for creatng memorable moments for your own fashion “Street Walking” this season. 

  • Create an authentic statement about your personality, not someone elses! 
  • Wear a trend with your own twist on it- no copycats! 
  • GO For a Bold, Graphic piece that is key to your entire “Look”.
  • Make -Up and Hairstyle should be casual, intentional, never forced. 
  • Theatrics are fun! Many have taken this path to gain attention but its risky.
  • Real Street Style is both functional and realistic; an extention of your lifestyle. 
  • A point of View will make the perfect street look! 
  • Create your look to the mood of a moment, a collection or a trend.
  • Street Chic is Ageless 
  • Anonymous Street Fashion is the Best kind 



Editors note: Special Thanks to Vogue, for the London Fashion Week images.  We always credit our images if they have not been taken by our photography team. 

This blog is advertisng free. 

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