The Politics of Fashion: House of Cards

Fashionistas, get ready: The Political Primary Season is on! Politics and fashion are usually strange bedfellows.  With episodes like the Sarah Palin Valentino Suit disaster, its a cavalcade of fun in the world of politics and fashion.  Now, with the debut of the season 4 on Netflix “House of Cards” its our guess that the world of political fashion will continue to benefit from this dash of Hollywood glamour.  Robin Wright, and her costume designer have served up a whole collection of politically stylish outfits that continue to reinforce the idea that neutral shapes that flatter are the best choice.  Her political choices never stray to a red, its just too much of a cartoon for a tragic story unless its a “blood red” suitable for her character as first Lady “Macbeth” in the series. Navy, Black, Creme, Grey Tweed, and other shades in between are designed in separates, fitted dresses, small jackets, a coat dress, and her trench coats. A business primer for any “powergirls” on the go these outfits are tell a story and are beyond fashion, in a way. They are already on their way to becoming iconic style statements . We love Mrs. Underwood’s style (as her husband would say) “more than a shark loves blood.”

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