Met Gala Fashion “Faux Pas” 

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The looks that scorched the Red Carpet this year at the Met Gala.

So, what is a “Faux Pas”?

Well, in French this means “Social Disasters” or in Glamour Magazine terms “Fashion Dont’s” so there ahould have been black slashes across the faces of these ladies who appeared at the Met Gala, in the worst possible outfits for a world class Red Carpet event.  What in the world were they thinking?  Where was the stylist to assist and edit these looks before they go out the door?  Some of these ladies have literally scads of cash to pay someone a fee for their services.  Please, ladies let the experts step in !!

The theme of this event in true Anna Wintour fashion, was both cryptic and misleading as well as simply one way for stars and stylists to anchor their looks. What always stumps they stylists is… “do we take this literally” ? Or, do we use the theme as a jumping off point?

“Fashion and Technology”

Yes, that’s  it folks;  here are the worst dressed and we should note, some couture designers should just go south for the summer and think about it–don’t come back until September next year!  We won’t miss you! Take a vacation and pondor as to why you led these poor women astray!  Some looks just booring, some hideous and well, some just completely insane.

Photos are feom various sources:  Thank you!