Art-of-Style Holiday Beauty Essentials: Get Glam!

5170ecd0-a633-4564-bc93-3e3dd9cc3040-2771-00000280b6e8d8d1_tmpa3bb8cb9-29d8-41c4-b480-d8e91034fd25-2771-0000027dfc09de24_tmpc668bd5f-05f1-4c5b-8a1d-50a8f3a83a10-2771-0000027aaf98e403_tmpLadies, get your glam on! Here are our picks for the product challenged and time crunched glamour girls.  We have curated a list of our favorites we shopped exclusively at SPACE NK of London. You can get all these products online or in the store.  How do we make our decisions?  Many hours spent in the company of Hollywood make-up artists behind the scenes gives us a unique perspective on what works. All these offerings work on any skin tone and foundations come in a full range of colors.

  • Oribe Hair Travel Kit
  • Dr. Lancer Skin Polish
  • Eve Lom Foundation &  Moisturizer
  • Kevin Aucoin Foundation creme
  • Hourglass Eye Cover Creme
  • Hourglass Blushes & Powder ‘Illuminators’
  • By Terry Nutri-Couler Cheek Baume
  • Kevin Aucoin Ombre Bronzer
  • Kevin Aucoin Essential Eye Palette
  • Kevin Aucoin Expert Mascara in blood rose
  • By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Baume
  • The Expert Lip Kit in Red or Neutral

25e770eb-017c-4c0e-8f3d-c93b98c2335a-2771-0000027ba27ba708_tmpa29deb8a-2ae1-49d8-9c16-4ecf0e20d2c2-2771-0000027bfcb23360_tmp9e1bf6f1-aa00-4546-a051-1015cb1d17f2-2771-0000027a1f9705eb_tmp77b8075e-89a5-420f-9d11-8d5a72939bc6-2771-0000027a75715866_tmp52301a04-5d4e-4c29-bde2-6c0cdf5a8743-2771-0000027b32615114_tmpAny two or more of these key products will switch up your existing favorites and get you ready for the sparkling season.

Get your GLAM on!

Editor Note: We used typical sample sizes and demonstrations in store to make our choices, without compensation.