Oscar Dresses: The Ones that should have Stayed Home

Oh dear, oh dear! When stylists whip their clients into a frenzy and get them out the door in what might be the most important dresses of their career, it can be tricky; deadly and downright game changing.  First of all, some dresses simply look gorgeous on the hanger that when you put them on, you are literally being “worn” by the dress.  Let’s face it, even models don’t always look good in those runway dresses and sometimes the Oscars is full of gowns that should not have left the building; literally.  Here is our pick for the Oscar “Misses” that for some of these ladies didn’t really do them justice as they are all lovely gals.  But, to be totally brutally honest here, many stylists simply don’t know a thing about what the camera does on TV with these gowns. They simply don’t get it.

Here is what I say: fire the stylist!  Go back to the drawing board and review what worked for you this past season and then you will be ready to go for next year.  Some of these “were so large they took over the talent” or were so “small” they literally looked like nothing. Its a fine line between sensational and simply unfortunate in the choices. Talent, are not supposed to really be experts, but they need to hire the best experts around them so that they are enhancing their brand, their figures and even, creating a suprise to an audience who can picture them in a whole new way!  Better luck, next time!

The Wardrobe Mistress