The Met Gala:  America’s Costume Ball 

What is always amazing about this event, is that it is becoming more and more a place for the “outrageous” and “fashion forward” people to join in and just “go wild” though some celebs and notables simply should have NOT left the building in their garb. But, that’s OK, its all in fun and for a good cause.  Here are our picks that seem to fall into three categories:  “What a nice Look for you” and “What the heck but we love it Anyway” or “Best Couples on the Carpet” and “Best Brand” award goes to: The H&M Custom designers who seemed to marry the fun, the celebrity, and the fashion in the right combination (WHO is designing these?) while mega designers around the world were just having a laugh on us, as they presented their most outrageous gowns for the “gullibles” who agreed to put this stuff on before they left their well appointed homes.  A final note to the gals who simply decided to just go for the “GORGEOUS” and play it safe “so well done” all.

Editor’s NOTE:  Hey, VOGUE magazine crew: “naked dresses” were invented by CHER and BOB MACKIE, her costume designer, so pleeeeeze stop saying that this event was the place where they were originated.  Just look up CHER and her appearance on TIME MAGAZINE cover, dated in the yester year.  SHE was the originator of the “Naked Dress” that was NUDE and beaded in all the right places. We like to support the facts!