While I am not an INDIA HICKS Brand Ambassador, I have watched with interest as she has rolled out her line of products that range from handbags, jewelry, scarves and accessories we (need) and want to live a more beautiful life.  If you are not familiar with INDIA HICKS, her father was one of the most influential interior designers of the 20th century and as a child she was a flower girl at Princess Diana’s wedding because of her family connection to the British Royal family.  That brings along with it an entire history of elegant and stately living.  INDIA left all that and headed for the BAHAMAS years ago where she and her husband are currently raising her children and living the beach life.


I purchased the travel kit (pictured) and as promised am reporting back to you about my experience using the set of products all formulated with organic ingredients that are formulated to be sensitive to all skins as well as highly effective. To let you know my background in skincare, I am a former acme sufferer and veteran of hundreds of products.  In the same age bracket as INDIA, I can say I am a veteran of cleaning and moisturizing and scrubbing systems that are often too harsh and usually ineffective or simply destroy what little moisture I still have left now.

INDISPENSABLE CLEANSER: I found this cleanser was both refreshing and lightweight much like a serum in formula that slipped over the skin with a low lather like a typical dermatologist style cleanser.  As someone who wears 2-3 layers of both tinted moisturizer as well as foundation(s) I was disappointed to see that the product did not “lift” away 100% of these products, so my face was only 75% clean.  But, then I used the UBER MIST. An AHA moment!

UBER MIST:  This is really a toner in a little spray bottle that I sprayed on a cotton pad to remove that last bit of make-up leaving my skin clean.  Of course, you can discover your own use for this handy mist whether its a refresher or a setting mist for your evening make-up.  A hint of lavender scent is in the product that is almost imperceptible so those of you who prefer “scentless” cleaning and toning, this is just fine. I can understand why INDIA created this little baby,  its perfect for a warm weather environment.

PERFECTING POLISH + MASK: I was eager to try the scrub + mask product as its really the secret of beauty next to cleanser. Suggested for everyday use, I found the scrub to be HIGHLY effective and for mature skins it might be better on a bi-weekly basis, due to its effectiveness.  I found that leaving the mask on five minutes, then scrubbing with a dash of water re-vived the product for the final scrubbing in the key facial areas. This one is a keeper (even if you don’t dive in to the rest of the products) it’s that good.

SUPREME CREME: This is a creme that feels rich but not TOO rich. It was divine after the scrub and was a fine night creme.  As an everyday creme, I found it to be too heavy for my already moisture oriented tints and foundations.  But, if you are not a foundation person on a daily basis and just want to wear it everyday and apply regular foundation over the top, its going to be the right weight for you.  I like my moisturizer and sunscreen built into my tinted foundation or sunscreen everyday so for me,  I loved it as a night creme on a clean and polished face.  If you are a frequent flyer, and find you get dry on the plane, it is suggested that you use this with a quick shot of mist over the top.  Perfect!

LOVELY BALM: It does just what it says when applied on lips, for rubbing on cuticles, and other dry patches with “almost” lavender scent.  It’s perfect to wear over a tinted lip for extra shine or underneath a lipstick or tinted lip color for treatment. Its a great place to start when building up your “red carpet” lip.  Natural girls will love it in their kits for everyday at the gym just like they use a chapstick.

This set of products is a great collection and I know people will enjoy its ease of use, simplicity and effectiveness.  The travel kit ($32.00) at INDIAHICKS.com is a winner for your next trip with its week worth of products. The elegant clear plastic case is ready to go for that security detail at the airport on your next trip.

Editor’s Note: This kit was purchased fair and square, so there is no “paid” adverts here, just good honest feedback.