The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Photo by Bryan Schneider on


Awards season has brought with it the well dressed and well turned out gentlemen of the A-List on Hollywood’s red carpets. This year the guys have stepped it up on the redcarpet and made use of their swoon worthy looks in a variety of tuxedo looks that ranged from the classical to the updated in both color, lapel shape, and combinations of fabrics.  Too vest, or not to vest, that is the question! What a dash of color does for one tuxedo and the use of neutrals or textured fabrics does for another.  A dash of bowtie, pocket square or cufflink finishes the look and the shoe ranges from a slip on to the classic lace-up to versions in-between.   An option to wear a trainer or sport shoe once reigned on the carpet but this year gentlemen seem to have fallen for the classics.  I have put many a tuxedo on screen and tv talent and when a man puts on the finishing touches he always feels good and ready to take on the world. Up next in awards season is the OSCAR carpet so we are already gearing up for the ultimate in Tuxedos at this Red Carpet show.



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