Discover Organic Fragrances: Henry Rose

33AA3244-8BBF-4DA4-92B2-0F511E9403BBThe New Organic Fragrance collection by Michelle Pfeiffer.

HENRY ROSE, named for the line up of creations approved by Ms. Pfeiffer are offered in full sizes and you can sample the collection for a mere $20.00 plus shipping. It is a nice way to be introduced to her collection and this is just what I did.

Frankly, what has happened in the fragrance industry is nothing short of criminal as chemicals begin to replace real essences, what you see, is not always what you get. The amount of fillers in fragrances is legendary, and can give rise to many allergies. So, getting personal with Michelle Pfeiffer’s own tastes in fragrances was an exciting thought for a fragrance addict like me. I was also impressed by her desire to create a organic formulated fragrance, devoid of anything that many people are allergic to and blessed by the organic powers-that-be. This was going to be a fragrance adventure, and I was all in.

So, the reality is that the modern world is a pretty stinky place and filled with chemicals that are doing us no good at all. However, I can say from experience that the mass market fragrance world has literally been turned on its ear by boutique fragrances and namesake brands that have littered the grave yard of either big failures or success. One of them (believe it or not) is Elizabeth Taylor’s own series of fragrances that are still available and selling very well. While not my personal taste, its just shows you how important a fragrance and its namesake, or “zeitgeist” is so important for its success. So, a Michelle Pfeiffer fragrance that she has lovingly worked on is admirable, and with the gaging of which ones are the most successful, it will be interesting to see which ones will take off.

Enter the organic, curated and uniquely formulated HENRY ROSE fragrance collection.

What I believe to be true, is that this is not just a selection of options, but a collection that is meant to be worn alone or mixed with other from the collection. Their names are:

  • JAKE’S HOUSE – Green /Woodsy
  • DARK IS NIGHT – Oriental – Patchouli
  • TORN – Fruity /Sweet
  • LAST NIGHT – Candy Sweetness
  • FOG – Mysterious

So do you see the moods here? I suggest that by trying the sampler you can literally create your own mood, and this is very successful for many higher end fragrances.

So, I suggest you order the set and mix away, and let me know what you think. I took my many fragranced arm and shared it with the girls in my local coffee shop. Well, they responded to with “that’s nice” or “I have smelled it before” and “Might only want to wear that one at night” or “I like that one the best” etc.

I found the fragrance collection to be a unique mixture of moods. Organic fragrances are new to me; but these will add to the wardrobe of many who are allergic or prefer ingredients that are not technically “natural” but formulated with essences that meet the standards of the organic stipulations.

Enjoy the collection and let me know if you find a combination you wish to share.

Full Disclosure: Ms. Allen sells fragrances by INDIA HICKS at: These fragrances were originally formulated for Crabtree & Evelyn and now are sold under the namesake of INDIA HICKS, Inc.