The Mad Hatter of Venice: Nicolas Fouquet

Here is what happens when ‘unconventional’ style meets the typical men’s hat in Los Angeles.

There was one evening on the Grammy stage when several notable stars wore stunning hats on and the rest is hat-history. The beaver fur hat, a unique felted fabric that is rendered into post-historic shapes decorated with multi-colored bands of fabric or bits of inspiration from the Colorado mountains; you are now taking in the NICOLAS FOUQUET hat made in Venice, CA by the mad hatter himself. The name is distinctly French, his origins both American and French with a worldwide journey in between. Only a world traveler with a curiosity for the things that move or inspire him could also be in the midst of reviving a 1970’a geodesic dome in Topanga Canyon that is sure to be another stylish creative project.

Nicolas also recently opened his 2,000 square feet location in Venice he supevised and designed himself; a mix of spare desert style (inspired perhaps by Georgia O’Keefe) with the clean lines of a beach lifestyle just a few blocks away. Mixed with mid-century furniture create there is a luxe lounge area in the center of the space with the surrounds displaying an eye popping collection of hats, accessories and jewelry. There is a core collection of hats available in the store but he is always busy with his endless supply of custom designs created for a unique cast of celebrity clients.  What we say is, Mad Hatter or not, he is on to something to, well, take your hat off to. Nicolas  adds his name to the unique artists that make up the LA fashion scene that has taken off and is attracting attention around the world.