Red Carpet Re-Take

Let’s take a moment to breath and also to re-invent our views of the carpet: Can we revise its purpose and add more aspects of fundraising, sustainability and re-purposing to the story?

At the recent VENICE FILM FESTIVAL Cate Blanchett has re-written Red Carpet History. By re-wearing some sensational outfits again she has taken the step into the fray and declared: “re-use is chic”. Cate has taken her powerful platform as a fashion innovator and challenged the status quo. Many actresses borrow gowns so they often go back to the showroom, enshrined in fashion history. Others are gifted the gowns and outfits in exchange for the publicity attached to them. But wearing of the latest season has always been Rule Number One. Designer’s also channel a particular actress as a muse and create an original gown each year for a particular awards show. All involve the search for the New + Fabulous and thus a full stop use of resources.

Cate rightly decided that her vision would be different. Working with her stylist, they masterminded the re-introduction of outfits for the entire schedule of the Festival. By all reports, it was a great success and will no doubt create a new revision of the relationship between the Designer, the Talent, the Stylist and the Platform. We welcome this new change that promises to hit our style philosophy: Review. Refresh. Renew. Reuse. (*c)

(*Red Carpet Photos from Various Outlets) and our thanks for their RE-USE.