TV Style? Yes, Please.

Emmy’s is the Kick-Off to Awards Season

Just a wow for all the ladies and gentlemen of the TV academy. Suits were super hot. Gowns were sleek, slashed, puffed and styled with jewels to die for. Age had no limits, from one end of the spectrum to another, everyone put it on big time. There were 70’s Hip, 1950’s Revivals, Mod color Blocks. Skirts were Multi length, Slashed, puffed, dragging, or sleekly slithering on the carpet. Was there some cleavage? Yes, there was but hardly noticeable. The ultra Vegas Girl is gone from the Emmy’s. We’re fine with that, as the show has moved up the awards food chain. Even Billy Porter put on the flourish of a black ruffled wave that swept his “fab-tastic” personality down the carpet. How can we live through the awards season without him? Here are some of our favorite looks that have notched up the EMMY’S to its highest level, yet.

Highlights of the Red carpet in pictures from a range of news photags, thanks for all.