The British Teach the World

The world of pomp and circumstance and dressing the part could not go unnoticed at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. For the past week, the world has been treated to the most unique display of the armed services, palace staff, royal bag pipes, choirs and musicians, a cavalcade of guards from the Commonwealth (that is, around the world) reflecting the 1000 years of tradition that only the English can provide.

This image (below) captures everything to know about the day: The ladies in their unique hats and commemorative jewels; the respect of the military; the children looking on, the saluting, musical tributes and precision of each part of the events. The British people loved their queen, the likes of which we shall not see again in a generation. A special note for how polite, without incident, and respectful the thousands of people were as they waited in line for many hours. This should not go unsaid, as we wonder if any other country could promise the same.

Long Live the King.