Elvis Forever.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Pexels.com

What you must know from the start, is this is no ordinary biopic with Baz Luhrmann at the helm. The music will be central, the transformation of the young man, Austin Butler who stars as ELVIS was put into an intensive training for the role is remarkable. He has already won many awards for his transformation this season, including the Golden Globe. The unique performance by Tom Hanks as the infamous Colonel. This diabolical performance was as disturbing as it was a missing piece of the puzzle in Elvis’ life and music. At the heart of his stardom was his magnetic performances with their roots in the religious revival tents of the American South. From here the magnetism and religious power of his performances at its roots. The extraordinary work by the production designer (Married to the Director) brought to life the excess, the glitz and glamour of the period in the costumes and scenery that were masterful. I was not a huge Elvis fan, but this movie changed my opinion of him and his music. If you have not already seen the film this movie will change your perceptions about Elvis. At the Golden Globe awards, Austin thanked Elvis’ family as the cameras focused on the family briefly (including Lisa Marie) she tragically has passed away only a week later. Truth is indeed stranger, then fiction.

Elvis has Entered the Building

Watch the Trailer and experience the powerful performance of Austin Butler.