Met Gala 2023 – Red Carpet

Celebrating the Creations of Karl Lagerfeld

People in the fashion world simply do not celebrate the start of the SPRING SEASON until the MET GALA has begun. Ditto, fashionistas who revel in the lush, stylish, expressions of the themes that are usually decided many months before. This year, a TRIBUTE TO KARL LAGERFELD who we recently lost to the annals of time. Fire up your ipads, mobile phones and/or a glass of bubbles; gather with your fashion friends to celebrate the revelry (and a good cause) that is the fundraising juggernaut of the Metropolitan Museum social calendar. The stars arrive to add some polish to the affair, but the major donors, notables or VIP guests are all part of this coveted invitation that celebrates the world of Art, Fashion, Culture and the joy of fashion.

The Looks, The Stars, the Fashion

Starting with the quiet luxury of the pale pink dress worn by Nicole Kidman, her moment in the Baz Luhrmann directed commercial for CHANEL that featured her. GISELLE BUNCHEN has arrived in a gorgeous Pink beaded number sharing her nights in Paris filming with KARL in her bare feet. Many brands are invited to this event and will be showcasing their latest looks on an array of models. EMILY BLUNT showed up in the black sequin pants and Lucille Ball inspired overskirt complete with White Lace blouse, and signature Camelia decorations, Michael Kors, helped her to create the ensemble. Penelope Cruz showed up in a bridal gown that was inspired by the Gorgeous white/silver gown.


There was a decided enthusiasm for KARL’s work most notably PARIS HILTON, VERA WANG, MICHAEL KORS, and a few others who contributed to the conversation. What was amusing is how many designers simply ignored the brief, deciding there designs were superior, and simply cajoled a celebrity to wear them and you know who you are. A special mention to Nicole Kidman, who wore a historic CHANEL that appears in a Baz Luhrmann commercial for CHANEL. Another mention to JAYLO who wore a beautifully crafted evening gown that was done in a block of creme/black silk fabric and was truly an elegant riff on Karl’s years at CHANEL. The reason everyone is gathered is to not only celebrate but to promote the wonderful exhibit that the Costume Institute has put together for the public. See the videos below to get a taste of what is in store.

Watch the VIDEO from the MET MUSEUM on the EXHIBIT

Editor’s Note: The Costume Institute’s spring 2023 exhibition will examine the work of Karl Lagerfeld (1933–2019). Focusing on the designer’s stylistic vocabulary as expressed in aesthetic themes that appear time and again in his fashions from the 1950s to his final collection in 2019, the show will spotlight the German-born designer’s unique working methodology. The exhibition is on view May 5th through July 16th, 2023. Our thanks to KHALED GHAREEB for his beautiful photograph inspired by Karl.