Artifice Atelier: The Creative Agency

Artifice Atelier is a Boutique Luxury Atelier  especially for creators and creations in the beauty, fashion & luxury lifestyle industry.

Pikke Allen, Principal & Chief Creative Officer received formal education in art & design at Carnegie Mellon University completing her MFA in Costume Design & Production Design.  Ms. Allen has worked in film, theater and digital media from the creative side.  She has covered fashion week in Paris and New York as a journalist and blogger. She has worked as a Consultant and Editor for magazines and online properties as an extension of her background in style and fashion.

Entertainment Film & Television Media: Ms. Allen works as a stylist, with a background in film and television media in Hollywood for over 15 years.  She has styled celebrities for the red carpet, for personal appearances, awards shows, and photo shoots. Her resume in film and television ranges from the feature film starring Sylvester Stallone to the comedy sitcoms and series starring the likes of Terry Hatcher, Tony Danza, Kathy Griffin, and many more.

From the Advertising & Publicity side, Ms. Allen has launched online magazines and self-published blogs on a variety of platforms as well as created integrated events with luxury brands to raise money for charity. Social Media contests, campaigns and strategy is integrated into these events that are direct engagements  with a variety of luxury lifestyle products and services.  Ms. Allen is a Brand Storyteller helping to create brand narratives,  develop content and interactive storytelling,  narratives and development of brand eco systems.

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