Red Carpet Style for your Inner Diva: Tips and Tricks

  • CASUAL BEACH HAIR: Whether its an updo, shoulder or full Length, Red Carpet Hair is never fussy or overdone. Keep it casual, with waves, a wash of curls, relaxed in straight lines that bend with the wind.
  • RED CARPET FEET: Now that the Shoe Cam has arrived, Be a shoe Star, and take chances. Of course, a perfectly manicured foot is required, with a natural nude polish or Fall’s new deep red or plums. Platforms, peep toes, or Daring pumps will do the trick.
  • GLOW ON: So many tans, so much sun: Take our word for it, the Red carpet is not all tanned up, just a pleasant glow of bronze is all that you need to look beautiful in your tops, jeans, or gown. We suggest a self-tan product or Salon for your beach glow.
  • ACCESSORIES: Here is a chance to let your inner Diva shine, with handbag, earrings, bracelets, or neck pieces, very casual, as befits this beach style, with a subtle glow of shine.
  • BEAUTY: We noticed a definite focus on eyes, and lips, with a healthy glow of natural skin that was buffed and not too tan. Under the glare, make-up artists will all tell you its about staying power: Finishing powder, lip liner and crayon kohl eyeliners that keep your favorite products from slipping off.
  • ATTITUDE: This is critical to achieving the confidence, the aplomb, and the inner Diva for all of your important occasions. We suggest a healthy dose of Attitude to complete your outfit.