What Were They Thinking? Forgettable Emmy Red Carpet Moments 2019

Sometimes bad gowns, happen to very nice people…..Oh dear, this Emmy’s red carpet was perhaps the worst ever. Here are a few examples of looks that should not have left the house. Where do we start?

The simple fact is September in Los Angeles, is not the Fall Season in New York, and I have always been of the opinion the season on the Emmy’s Carpet is just like a TV sitcom: “Forever Spring” . There were Emmy looks too heavy for this theme, some are terribly made, some are so ridiculous in their seriousness, that even the Fab Four managed to look better on the carpet in their fashion send-ups by comparison. The Emmy’s has become a clown parade and the entire event has lots its purpose of celebration, becoming like a TV prom parade of very bad fashions. There were some bright spits from both the ingenues and some veterans, who chose to take their moment carefully and in keeping with their brand, and those merit their own separate blog post. I hope if you suffered the slings and arrows of the fashion press and learned the hard way, you will do better next year.

The Wardrobe Mistress

Shoulders are the New Black


SAG Awards Red Carpet Review: 2019

The 25th Anniversary of the SAG AWARDS brought back my memory of doing the very first version of the award show before its zenith in popularity and fashionable buzz. Yes, the awards show started small and now the SAG red carpet is one of the most popular in the run up to the Oscars. Trends that start here are often carried on through to the Oscars. It’s always fun to predict “who will wear what” as the red carpet season marches towards the finish line. 

Major Trend: Shoulders and more Shoulders. There was the ‘Off the Shoulder’ gown, the sheer or tulle capes that covered and revealed and also gowns with unique shoulder embellishments as well. For example, a swirling shoulder piece on Emily Blunt by Michael Kors or Mandy Moore’s black and crystal Off-Shoulder sheath  by Jason Wu. Emma Stone wore a one shoulder top with a necktie worn like a bow that topped her pitch perfect silk slacks by Louis Vuitton.  A beautiful white off shoulder gown festooned with bird feathers, the lovely Danai Gurira wearing Ralph Russo. Constance Wu work a lovely Oscar de La Renta gown that was strapless and simple; its elegance and minimalism highlighting her shoulders and upper chest area which were jewels in themselves. Elizabeth Moss wore a princess gown with rows of lace that showed off her clean shoulder line and accented the waist with a black ribbon that had a chanel inspired vibe by French designer L’huillier.  White gowns seemed to have taken over the pre-spring carpet fortelling a trend of wedding inspired gowns that work both for brides and red carpet worthy evening wear. Sandra Oh also wore a one shoulder look that is almost becoming her signature lucky color RED by British designer Jenny Packham. Patricia Clarkson wearing another Goddess inspired gown in a creme silk chiffon (scads of layers) had gold embellishments that also highlights both her waist and shoulders prove that while cleavage is a Hollywood staple the shoulders have entered the fashion pantheon as the next place to focus on. Lady Gaga stunned us all in her shoulder bearing and grand skirted DIOR gown that she was easily able to work with its thigh high slit that suited her personality. Television can be unkind to miles of cleavage; few can pull it off but a set of lovely shoulders is always elegant, appropriate and the look is always perfect. I believe this trend that started a few seasons ago is not dead, but better then ever and the ladies are working it. 


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (10072501ff) Emma Stone 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 27 Jan 2019


Black is the New Red: Red Carpet Looks for 2018

What we know for sure:  Black Tie or formal gowns will never be the same again.  The ladies of the Golden Globes showed us that the meaning of solidarity is both as a fashion statement and a statement of support.  The actress who did not show up in a black or black inspired gown at the Golden Globes, didn’t get the memo.  In case you missed it, the wearing of black at the Golden Globes launched the “Times Up” movement for the men in  Hollywood and in fact, the world (timesupnow.com) and as we head into the awards season the movement will continue in one fashion statement or another.  Think of this as another version of the “Pussy Hat”.  Here are some of our of our favorite looks from the Golden Globes. Emphasis on the big gown, cultural, elegant and almost death-defying with the accompanying jewels is what we all look forward too.  Even Pants made their way onto the carpet, and well, we couldn’t be more pleased.

The Wardrobe Mistress

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1920’s Style: Miss Fisher Mysteries

Ultra Chic 1920’s Style in the PBS Mysteries series “Miss Fisher” where the world of the Roaring Twenties in Australia is in full velvets and beadings.  The world of Miss Fisher is one of mysterious crimes, unique characters, glittering interiors and beautiful scenery of the Australian outback. But wait, there’s more.  The costume designs for the show are filled with beautiful details, luxurious surfaces, beading, furs, and millinery designs.  The unique part of these costumes is that they are very good at telling the story of the scenes as well as the strong and willful character of the lead, Miss Fisher.  This delicate balance of story vs. character is what a good costume designer can do for a show.  We also love the details that we think are timeless:

  • Beaded details
  • Fur Trim
  • Velvets
  • Fur Trims
  • Accessories

Take a look at the show on PBS.com for schedule, and join the club of fashion fanatics who adore this period and its expression of style and chic Art Deco flair.



Stuck in a Hair Decade? Help is on the Way…


Madonna is the master of updating and here she is pictured at the Met Ball with her classic blonde and dark roots she invented in the 1980s.

What decade is your hair? Remember the hair bands in the 80s or Woodstock or the 90s Brittany concert? Is your hair still looking like a “Friends” episode or perhaps Kramer’s hair on Seinfeld ?  Whatever your choice,  it’s clear you are stuck in a hair decade and you can’t get out.  But don’t worry, there is help for you.

First, take some selfies. Stand back and take a look.  Good?  Shocking? Forgettable ?  Don’t’ worry, help is near! You are probably wondering….OMG, am I stuck?  Perhaps you your hair is reflecting your distant past or a happier time, not the  ‘here and now’.  You may even think your style looks good on you.  Maybe your friends have been afraid to break it to you,  but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to improve your hairstyle (and maybe your life)

  • Pick an icon from the past year from a red carpet photo
  • Choose an Ad campaign such as Ralph Lauren or another brand you like.
  • Collect 3 images of the icon:  Beyoncé, Katy, Madonna, etc. 
  • Choose a style perfect for the season (spring/ summer) long or short
  • Pick a hair color that echoes the mood of your favorite photos (blonde, brunette, redhead, multi-tones)
  • Save a few photos you like. Share them with a friend to see their reactions. 
  • Research your favorite Salon or friend at the hair academy.

Now, be prepared for a transformation.  We promise your life will change, you’ll have a whole new outlook and yes, even dogs and children in the street will like you better.  You’ll have extraordinary good luck in Vegas and maybe even get a promotion at work.  One thing we know for sure, is that a good hairstyle  and color is transformative. 

So, go ahead and take a chance….try something new and become an even better you!

Hollywood Mistress of Style

Pikke Allen

Red Carpet Style for your Inner Diva: Tips and Tricks

  • CASUAL BEACH HAIR: Whether its an updo, shoulder or full Length, Red Carpet Hair is never fussy or overdone. Keep it casual, with waves, a wash of curls, relaxed in straight lines that bend with the wind.
  • RED CARPET FEET: Now that the Shoe Cam has arrived, Be a shoe Star, and take chances. Of course, a perfectly manicured foot is required, with a natural nude polish or Fall’s new deep red or plums. Platforms, peep toes, or Daring pumps will do the trick.
  • GLOW ON: So many tans, so much sun: Take our word for it, the Red carpet is not all tanned up, just a pleasant glow of bronze is all that you need to look beautiful in your tops, jeans, or gown. We suggest a self-tan product or Salon for your beach glow.
  • ACCESSORIES: Here is a chance to let your inner Diva shine, with handbag, earrings, bracelets, or neck pieces, very casual, as befits this beach style, with a subtle glow of shine.
  • BEAUTY: We noticed a definite focus on eyes, and lips, with a healthy glow of natural skin that was buffed and not too tan. Under the glare, make-up artists will all tell you its about staying power: Finishing powder, lip liner and crayon kohl eyeliners that keep your favorite products from slipping off.
  • ATTITUDE: This is critical to achieving the confidence, the aplomb, and the inner Diva for all of your important occasions. We suggest a healthy dose of Attitude to complete your outfit.