Dreaming of Dior: Spring 2009 is understated elegance.

Isn’t it wonderful that the House of Dior is still giving us the perfect suits, dresses, handbags and shoes? Resort 09 is no exception, and so when I am having a bad day, I just look at this perfect suit, with the slim skirt and perfectly tailored jacket, and I instantly get happy. Dior rarely disappoints when they do what they do best, understated elegance. What can us mere mortals learn from these heavenly beauties? Wear shades that are close in color, to create an elegant and understated look. Make simple flattering colors work for you no matter what your shape or size. Simple details, like an accent shoe or bag, work with tone/tone color combos. Dresses are back for daytime, and give us pants people, a new lease on life. Slim shapes, are perfection, but if you don’t wear them, remember that simple details are perfect too. The power red lip can really makes your face light up whether its a gloss or matte so go ahead, begin the search for the perfect Red lipstick to make your look complete.


ARTIFICE is a film, television and commercial stylist with a background in arts and culture and film/media. In addition, her independent agency develops writing projects, blogs and bring together luxury brands with charity fundraising. Recently merged with Kaleidoskope Media (kaleidoskopetravel.com) a travel media platform. The platform aims to raise awareness and fundraise while curating travel experiences around the world.

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