Playful, Casual and Fresh brought designers from Bohemian Society, Jen Awad and Seth Wellington out to play. A fresh reminder that LA is the land of sportswear, and international culture, and the place where casual sportswear was invented. Its always fun to see the Spring/Summer collections here because we know that we can wear them for 10 months a year. Classics, artful t-shirts and a collection of party dresses for young and old were part of this celebration. Oliver Tolentino won the best dressed award, with his gowns reminiscent of Paris runway in their quality and workmanship. Trends for Spring are all over the map, but we’re happy that a wide range of options for all budgets was present, and even the guys had some classic options too.

Note: photos are copyrighted by stylestrategy, Inc. for use by permission only. Jen Awad photo by permission.