LA FASHION WEEK REPORT: Accessories to Die For…Exclusive Report

Accessories are designed to entice you and empower the wearer with their edgy elegance and the designers at CCSKYE have inspired us.

First of all, the materials and combination of metals, leathers, stones, surface details and functionality are “street couture” in feeling. The handbags are both soft or structured with gold or silver metal details, the quality of the finishes on the hardware makes each closure or strap, zipper feel like jewelry. The cuffs, rings and bracelets are just as elegant and beautiful. Mixing riffs from Studio 54 with Art Deco 1930s shapes the jewelry has ‘Couture Rocker’ elegance and is perfect for that black draped dress or skinny jeans. Finish off your business suit, with a handbag, or add a some edge to that prim little chiffon blouse. That’s the power of of a good accessory. More Statement than elaboration and a sure bet in this economy to extend last year’s staples in your closet.

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photo by ARTIFICE