Confessions of a Bohemian Shopper: The Truth behind Great Personal Style

Women ask me, “where did you find that” on a regular basis, and after I thank them for their compliments, the Confessions begin:

My answers are usually surprising, because it appears that I am wearing the latest trends, the chicest accessories, or totally fabulous shoes. I am a Bohemian Shopper, and that makes me an expert on how to find things that are off the fashion radar screen, and in places that fashion types wouldn’t necessarily go. I just don’t shop with the rest of the pack.

I am usually wearing black or neutrals, a bit of sparkle in my accessories, perhaps a vintage piece or two and carrying one of my in-stock designer bags, wearing a designer shoe that is comfortable, and chic. Priceless. Well, almost. I am usually mixing up the high and low, the cheap chic with the upscale designer. Of course, we like to think money is no object, but I won’t hesitate to let you know if its a great deal or just plain gilded luxury you can’t live without.

That’s the confession part. The Bohemian Shopper is always looking for something intriguing that might work to add some dash to your personal style. Trends, we’ve heard of them, but we don’t always follow them, we edit them for you, and tell you where to find them, if you really want to partake.

So far, we’ve touched on all sorts of shopping and styling here, so join us when you have time, and we promise, we’ll confess!

photo: ARTIFICE, designer is wearing Vintage Valentino, Prada, Petite Bateau, Hermes.

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