Bohemian Shopper’s Holiday Discoveries: Hidden Glamour

You won’t find the Bohemian Shopper on Black Friday, waiting in line at Walmart or Target, for the latest in technology gadgets.  Instead, if we go mass market, it might be to wait in line at H&M for the latest black one shoulder leather dress.  Still, we do love a good thing when we see it, so we’ve put together our list of for your holiday gifts, beauty and fashion that’s a bit off the radar.  For you web shoppers, vintage store hounds, sale bin sleuths, this is more your kind of thing. We like to save time, so we’ve included some Bohemian Glam Holiday Tips so you can get your BOHO going on:

Bohemian Holiday top 5 List:

1) Metallics: nails, toes, shoes, bags, and anything else that catches your fancy. 

2) Black, leather, and velvet, a winning combination in any form.

3) Deep Red lips, eyeliner, and anything Burgundy for your accessories to pop up the black. 

4) Handbags made of fur, leather, metals or even that vintage Croc is great, so are 1950s or 1960s anything. 

5) Faux Fur, to add a touch of glam to your look!

Web Sites to Visit for Bohemian Glam:,,, and for the bargain shoppers. for beauty.

Photos taken by ARTIFICE in Barneys, Beverly Hills.