Winter Dreams of Italy: Positano Handmade Sandalos "While U Wait"

Bohemian Shopper:  As we are always looking for the custom experience, at a great price….we discovered at the end of Melrose, in a tucked away a shop that makes delicious resort sandals for the summer girl in all of us!

This boutique creates custom made sandals, complete with all sorts of styles, decorations, leathers, luxury crocodile or simply a delicious summer color, complete with a bit of sparkle!   The prices are fantastic, beating out the shoe salon at Neimans for your Mid-winter getaway, or just to prepare your closet for the Spring season.  Naturally, the look is chic Italian Riviera and a great idea for parties with the girls! He’ll come to your home and create your shoes, right on the spot! We loved the flat sandals with the luxury leathers, naturellement!

Ali Karimpour is the Proprietor, and head sandal maker, and happy to take your order!

Address:  8574 Melrose Avenue, across from the Cafe Urth.
www. (310) 289-5900

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