New Style Resolutions – 10 Ideas for the Fashion Impaired

After a year of sky-high platforms, Kate’s hairstyles, red-carpet bloopers, extreme sales, its been a difficult year for fashion. But, the brave and glorious fashion followers among us will muster on, and we’ll offer a few tips to get through this year, and the decade of Fashion we can look back on and laugh or cry, whichever comes first:

  • The decade of Uncomfortable shoes – if only we could abide by 6 inch heels…
  • The decade of too much 1970s and 1980s – we already lived through these, once.
  • The decade of Red Carpet Debacles – yes, we saw more bad gowns than we can count
  • The decade of Anti-aging-and I don’t mean miracle cremes, we mean, Plastic Surgery
  • The decade of Outrageous taste standing in for Good Taste

We can only think of a few things we really thought were useful this past 10 years:

  • Vintage Fashions
  • Great Handbags
  • The black matte Tight or legging
  • Great Accessories to wear with above
  • Clothes that Travel
  • Better Fitting Jeans
  • Sexier Lingerie
  • Better Skin Care Products
  • Red Carpet as Entertainment

Next post we’ll really have a real fashion story, right now, we’re recovering from a decade of beauty, insanity, too many sales, and bad clothes.