LA Fashion Week: From Sublime to Street

From Sublime to Street Sexy hot young fashion designers are  getting their message out during La Fashion Week.  The fun and energy of LA Fashion Designers with their edgy confidence is well known.  Once the home of bathing suits and board shorts, the LA fashion scene is so much more now, expanding to leathers, funk, street and sportswear pieces that were at play on the runways this week. Stand outs were SKIN GRAFT, a collection of to DIE FOR leathers and military tailoring using real fabrics with an industrial flare. Jen AWAD is always an amusing mix of period tailoring, rocker chic, and throw-away materials that are a witty, fun and sexy.  Her Latina Roots influence the sexy cut and fit of the collection.  Skin Graft put a collection of Fall Weather pieces that were installed like gallery figures, menacing, chic, and dangerous to the normal viewer.  Their fans, are eager to jump into the latest leathers, hobnob in the most elegant edgy skirts or pants.  The Materials are classic, but the vision is anything, but.

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